Audison SR 4.300 D-Class 4-Channel Amplifier 130 Wrms X 4 At 2-Ohms New


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We are proud to present the renovated SR 4.300 (85 W x 4 @ 4Ω) introduced back in 1988 and constantly updated with the best technologies available. The Audison design team, headquartered in the Potenza Picena (Italy), spent a long time planning and perfecting the new SR line, taking full advantage of the features that the most recent amplification devices available today are equipped with. After numerous listening tests in a double-blind configuration on a significant sample of professionals and enthusiasts, the R&D team decided to adopt a new D-class technology called ADT (Audison D-Class Technology) for the whole range, which made it possible to reduce the size of the amplifiers considerably, totally preserving the audio performance that characterize each Audison project. As for the electronics design, the Audison style center has taken care of every aesthetic and functional detail, obtaining a compact amplifier made of extruded aluminium with rounded corners that ease the installation of the product in narrow spaces. Thanks to the generous heat sinks on the two short sides of the amplifiers, internal cooling fans are not necessary, which are often cause of noise and dust accumulation.

Features –
• ADC (Audison D-Class) Technology 2Ω stable output stage ensuring high audio performance in a compact size.
• Extruded aluminum compact design with fanless convection cooling system.
• Built-in USS (Universal Speakers Simulator).
• Balanced high-noise rejection input speaker-In (for OEM head units) and RCA-In (for After-market head units) inputs.
• ART (Automatic Remote Turn-On/Off) automatically turns on/off the amplifier when the OEM head-unit turns on/off (can be enabled/ disabled, with Speaker-In inputs).
• Pre-outs, also available when using Speaker-In level inputs.
• Mono operation mode (selectable) to create a sub + front threechannel system or a powerful two-channel system.


  • Weight: 5.5100 lbs
  • Manufacturer SKU: 66740315
  • UPC: 8018823132947
  • Bundle: No
  • Feature 1: Power supply voltage / fuse 11 ÷ 15 VDC / 1 x 30A
  • Feature 2: Operating power supply voltage 6.5V ÷17 VDC
  • Feature 3: Idling current 1.6 A
  • Feature 4: Idling current when off 0.03 mA
  • Feature 5: Consumption @ 14.4 VDC, 2Ω, Max Musical: Power 25 A
  • Condition: NEW
  • ASIN: B082X56RWC
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