Window Tint

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Window tint is a must have for any vehicle owner looking to keep their ride safe. With window tint you’ll be protecting yourself and your vehicle from harmful types of radiation like infrared and ultraviolet rays, and you’ll be keeping the contents of your vehicle safe from prying eyes since thieves won’t be able to see the inside of your ride as easily.

How Does it Work?

Window tint essentially works as a sunscreen for your vehicles windows. Typically, a normal glass window will only block out around 10% of the energy that is being transmitted through, so those harmful rays mentioned earlier are able to access your vehicle without any obstruction. These rays can turn the inside of your vehicle into an oven in the summer, and even cause the fabrics and materials inside of your vehicle to fade and discolor if left unattended. The films we offer are primarily dyed films and metallized films. Non-reflective or dyed films absorb solar energy, while reflective or metallized films absorb and reflect solar energy. The amount of heat and light rejected depends on the film selected. Car-Fi will provide you with whatever tint your situation requires for instant results.


Interior Heat

Keep the interior of your vehicle cool by blocking the wavelengths that create heat and natural light. With our window tint you’ll always be cool in the shade.

Interior Fabrics

Prevent discoloration of fabrics, vinyl, plastic, and wood trim by shielding yourself from UV light and solar heat transmissions.


By reducing glare you can stay safer by keeping your eyes on the road. Your windows will also have a bit more reinforcement thanks to the tint so they’ll hold together better in case of an accident.


Enjoy your vehicles sleek new appearance while also enjoying enhanced privacy from others with your new tint.


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