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Finding the perfect stereo for your vehicle doesn’t have to be such a tedious task. The In-dash receivers offered today come with a plethora of features and options to fully customize your vehicle in whichever way you want. Be it a CD, DVD, or smartphone app receiver, we have all the options you need and more gathered right here!


Looking for high quality sound? Improve the sound quality of your vehicle by adding one of our many top-brand amplifiers! We offer mono and multi-channel amplifiers to ensure we can help meet the needs of any audiophile!

With the addition of a ship-shape top of the line amplifier you not only improve the quality of your sound, but also protect your speakers by producing a clean stream of audio. If long lasting and clear sounding audio is what you’re after, we’ll be able to help you with our wide selection of impressive amplifiers.


If you’re looking to upgrade your car’s stereo look no further! We offer all kinds of best-in-slot speakers that will ensure a broader frequency range for your sound. We can upgrade, replace, or even install speakers where there were none before!

Upgrades are available in full range replacements or component sets, which allow for free placement of the tweeter to optimize sound reproduction.

If you can’t decide what to get, don’t worry! You can experience a wide variety of speakers already installed so you can hear the differences yourself, and decide on the perfect setup for your vehicle.


If you’re looking for power or smooth lows, then you need a subwoofer. Just like speakers we can replace, upgrade, or add subwoofers so you can attain peak bass reproduction.

Without a subwoofer you’re missing out on nearly 25% of your music! Not only that, but your speakers could even be sabotaging your bass output. A subwoofer makes these issues a thing of the past so you can produce deep and satisfying bass!